The Editor’s Note

They say that art does magic to souls. Well, nobody exactly said that-I made it up myself, but
that’s because of how strongly I feel about it, ART. Art can take any form. You know that
feeling you get when you are walking in the hallways of an art gallery? Or that unexplainable
excitement when you watch show performances in theatre? Or when you sit in a noisy
nganya and you feel it in you that that moment could make it into a music video about
human rights or even love? Or when you listen to music by your all-time favorite and all you
think about is “How did they create such masterpiece lyrics”? Yeah, I do that with almost all
Afro Music. That wholesome feeling, that right there is what we want to create with REKORD.
We appreciate everyone who takes the time to share their craft with us. We want to ride in
your creativity, your delights, thoughts-whatever makes you! We want to educate and inform
as you will see in this edition. We also take you through interesting stuff done throughout
the year by Respekt. We bring you along to see what we do and hopefully get you to join our
bandwagon in creating safe spaces for SRHR discussions.
I hope this edition does whatever your favorite snack does to you. I hope it brings you a lot of
warmth this festive season.
REKORD will continuously serve vibes (On the scout’s promise).
I hope you always look forward to us and that you shall never run out of crafty ideas.
Thank you for allowing us into your world, and for letting us share in your joyous exploration
of art.
Enjoy, and it’s totally okay with us if you share us with your friends.
Happy festivities.

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